Black Eyecare Perspective was designed and created to cultivate and foster lifelong relationships between African Americans and the eyecare Industry


  • To increase the number of Black leaders addressing the biases in the eyecare industry.
  • To help eyecare professionals and companies stay effective and relevant in a forever changing landscape by aligning their values based on equity and inclusion within the eyecare industry.
  • To help facilitate better dialogue between non-minority eyecare professionals and the Black demographic in an eyecare setting.

Black Eye Doctor Locator

Use our doctor locator to find a black eye doctor near you. Our doctor locator consists of licensed optometrists and ophthalmologists in the United States.


IMPACT HBCU is a FREE virtual event for all STUDENTS at any school to learn more about becoming a Doctor of Optometry (OD).

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Black EyeCare Perspective Preoptometry Club

Black EyeCare Perspective has the first nationally recognized pre-optometry club established to ensure not a single, potential, future black student or optometrist is ignored, discouraged or disadvantaged. Interested in becoming a member of the Black EyeCare Perspective Pre-Optometry Club, complete a member profile and an advisor will get in contact with you.


Black eyecare professionals who are committed to redefining the color of the eyecare industry 1% at time.

Dr. Adam Ramsey


Dr. Darryl Glover


Dr. Essence Johnson

Chief Visionary Officer

Dr. Jacobi Cleaver

Director of Program Management