Black Eyecare Perspective was designed and created to cultivate and foster lifelong relationships between African Americans and the eyecare Industry

Meet Our Founders

Drs. Adam Ramsey and Darryl Glover are well respected key opinion leaders in the eyecare industry. They are passionate and dedicated to helping create an environment that is inclusive and recognizes the importance of diversity in the eyecare industry. Drs. Adam Ramsey and Darryl Glover are committed to facilitating open and authentic dialogue surrounding implicit bias, organizational structure, and policies which lead to a lack of diversity and exclusion.

Our Goals

  • To increase the number of leaders of black addressing the biases in the eyecare industry.
  • To help eyecare professionals and companies stay effective and relevant in a forever changing landscape by aligning their values based on equity and inclusion within the eyecare industry.
  • To help facilitate better dialogue between non-minority eyecare professionals and the black demographic in an eyecare setting.