Black EyeCare Perspective PreOptometry Club (BEPPOC)

Black EyeCare Perspective has the first nationally recognized pre-optometry club established to ensure not a single, potential, future black student or optometrist is ignored, discouraged or disadvantaged. Interested in becoming a member of the Black EyeCare Perspective Pre-Optometry Club, complete a membership profile and an advisor will get in contact with you

BEPPOC Testimonials

BEPPOC has implemented a source of support and motivation during my journey towards an OD. I am so grateful to have the experience to learn from successful professionals within the optometric field.

Lauren King

Future Optometrist

I'm sincerely grateful to BEPPOC for being a fountain of knowledge as I matriculate into optometry school. They deeply care about my prosperity as a program candidate providing preparation for the OAT, grant opportunities, interview and resume tips, and the much needed vote of confidence. If not for their resources, I would have struggled greatly as a non-traditional student."

Demetric Jones

Future Optometrist

"I am appreciative of the Black EyeCare Perspective [Pre-Optometry] Club who has arranged one-on-one professional development meetings with me, warmly introduced me to colleagues, and created an atmosphere of accountability as well.

Avia Dolberry

Future Optometrist

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Our meetings are monthly at 7 PM CST/8 PM EST. Membership is required. For more information, please feel free to contact us.

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